JOURNEY TO SAMADHI (2018 - Ongoing)

I was born into a post-colonial environment where questioning the truth of Western religion imposed by our oppressors was discouraged by fear of social ostracism and other punitive consequences. The colonial impact on our ancestral belief system and practices led us to choose the religion of our oppressors and abandon that which once held us together; thus we lost our collective spiritual identity. 

“What environment would I have been born into had the authentic belief systems of my ancestors been allowed to flourish?” I answer this question by juxtaposing my personal journey to self-realization with that of my birth continent, with the hope of revealing portraits of a once lost continent coming into self-realization and reclaiming her spiritual identity. 

AFRO-GODDESS (2016-2017)

This series seeks to bridge the gap between spirituality and the modern day African Woman in all landscapes she may find herself in, exploring her identity and diversity. The vision captures “Spiritual Portraits” of African Women, bringing the God factor of the feminine energy to the surface. I focus on awakening the inner spirit in whomever approaches my subjects. Reminding the viewer that beneath the objectified appearance of us women lies a powerful and audacious spirit worth listening to. And to any woman struggling with her identity, it serves as a reminder to discover herself not through external validation but by looking inward for transcendental understanding.